Gadget Review: The Automoto 3 Wheeled Scooter (exclusive & video)

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

37 Comments to Gadget Review: The Automoto 3 Wheeled Scooter (exclusive & video)

  1. Regarding the AutoMoto:

    Okay, let’s pull the 150cc insert the 260cc. Forget putting the radiator behind the front wheel as flexible radiator lines don’t work. The radiator needs to be placed at the very back of the engine compartment with a temperature controlled fan.

    When you are done, let me know so that I can place my order.

    Storm Wynd

  2. Regarding the AutoMoto:

    Okay, let’s pull the 150cc insert the 260cc. Forget putting the radiator behind the front wheel as flexible radiator lines don’t work. The radiator needs to be placed at the very back of the engine compartment with a temperature controlled fan.

    When you are done, let me know so that I can place my order.

    Storm Wynd

  3. Thank you Christen, for that review.  It is the only one I could find that wasn’t something put out by the product manufacturer, so I consider it to be about as unbiased as I could find.  Thanks also for clearing up the question of license requirements for California residents!

    I’ve email the sellers in Van Nuys, and now will wait to be contacted for my test drive!  Woo hoo!

  4. Like the ideal of a roof but motor seems a little small. Dealer in Milwaukee did not seem to know much about warrenty. Are more dealers inthe works?? Is it true they are coming out with a 250 cc motor. Is the motor made by Honda ?? What is the break in period and who puts it together??
    Do you have some owners in the states that we can contact to get their input on this machines??
    For a 150cc the price seema a little high to me with out any dealer support. Are any motorcycle deales selling these or just RV dealers?? Do you have any coments from owners who have had problems with their scooters?/

  5. Only goes 40 mph uphill or 40mph total? I am looking into getting one, but I drive highway @ 65mph, so if the auto moto is only going to be going 40 mph then I can’t get one.

  6. Good Job!
    I have one comment and one suggestion. Your closing statement is a bit odd/off the mark considering this vehicle is clearly marketed as a daily driver, replacing your gas guzzling 3000lb vehicle. I’m not sure anyone would consider this as a weekend toy. It’s far too geeky for that.

    Also, Please get rid of that hat. Leave the wanna be black gangsta look to the poor uneducated white kids, who are going no where in life. You’re too old for that silly look.

  7. Now have over 180 miles on my machine. I live on a mountain and ride it daily (Yep even this late in the year) to work some 20 miles away. Great little machine. What a way to unwind after a day’s work. Am averaging 90 MPG. But still on break in so can only move 40 MPH.

  8. unclebopp

    i have had two below the knee amputations but like to ride my kymco people s 200. it is actually a 160cc engine, and likely very similar to your 150. In the review the rider said it has the rear brake on a foot pedal. Having no ankle I cannot operate a foot pedal. Does this mean the front brake is on the left handle? Do you plan on offering a totally hand controlled braking system?

  9. Hi Just been viewing your 3 wheel covered scooter tell me more when is it likely to come to New Zealand??? & at what sort of costing etc, many thanks regards Ivor W

  10. I just ordered one. I can’t wait! Price is awesome. As for the company, it seems fairly stable. The reviews I saw have been positive. Will be my new work vehicle. Write more after I get the machine. Guy and the people at Auto Moto are awesome. They work closely with you to walk you through the process whether you go cash or finance.

    • Robley…did you get it yet? What do you think so far?

      I thought this would be the perfect vehicle for my 7 mile daily commute. Sadly, my experience with Guy was not as good as yours. I felt he blew me off. I don’t think he felt I was serious about getting one. I have the cash. I just want to know from someone who owns one how they like it.

      Guy did tell me that they are negotiating dealerships in my area, but unless I’m willing to drive to LA there isn’t a place to test drive or rent one.

      Looking forward to hearing how you like your new AutoMoto.

      • I was told last Friday that the machine is at the shop in Beverly Hills. It will be uncrated, inspected, recrated and shipped to me. Guy told me that because I have waited so long, a few neat upgrades will be included. Should have it soon. There is a message board/discussion group on line with many owners available to answer your questions. Hope to see you on the board. Here is the URL:

        Small note. Last time I talked to Guy, he seemed a bit down. Not sure what’s up. He was still courteous. Try again.

        • Just an update. Got my machine. It is everything Guy said, and more. Not much assembly, but you will need a helper. Test drove for ten miles in the rain. Pure pleasure and smiles. I am going to be having soooo0oomuch fun with this thing. Thanks Auto Moto. And thanks Guy. Give him a call. Tell him Robley sent you!!

          • are you able to get parts for your automoto? I cant get any response from the company

  11. After driving the Automoto I found it to be very slow and unsafe on PCH and the freeway. Slight incline, max 39mph. The company is shaddy and not on solid ground. All hype and ads are made up by the company owners for publicity.

    • Got anything to back the company claims up with Rob? Did you deal with the company directly? Since all companies make up their own hype and ads for publicity I’m not sure what you are saying there. Are you saying the gadget review video was made up by them?

      As for the 39mph top speed – there was an earlier model that topped out around 40mph. Could you have driven one of those?

  12. Very intersting piece of vehicle and probably I can buy one for fun if that is not too expensive. Will that available soon in Hong Kong? Who is the maker?

  13. Well the hint was subtle but enough to get me to write in. I can tell you as the GM at The Auto Moto that after my last visit to the factory we finalized the 260cc integration in to the chassis and will be rolling out that model in 2010. Happy posting…..

  14. Looks interesting. It looks like it was only driven in parking lot, though, and a real-street test might be useful. Also, how do you ride it with friends and family? Convoy?

    • Hey Fred,
      Given my limited experience with a scooter we thought it best to limit to the parking lot, but I’m pretty sure after a few drives I could drive it on the street. As for friends or family: you can fit one person on the back.

  15. With a little more power for freeway use this would take over the roads.
    Fun and seats two 83 mpg great thinking by someone.

  16. Very professional presentation. Written and spoken with great articulation. I believe Gadget Review’s unbiased and honest. If you could blow up the scooter on your next segment, I may be interested in purchasing one.

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