Last month I was introduced to the Sportline company by means of their highly innovative HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle.  This month I have the pleasure of reviewing their TQR 775 Analog Heart Rate Watch.

Anyone even remotely into fitness knows that heart rate monitoring is essential to overall health awareness.  Knowing your maximum and resting heart rate can tell your a great deal about your body from cholesterol to fat burning and is the stepping stone to good health.

Sportline’s TQR technology was specifically designed for their analog heart rate monitor watches and the 775 is the newest addition.  The 775′s design focus is to bridge the gap between dress watches and sport watches with a meat and potatoes approach to form and function.  Aging 9-5ers should flock to this watch as they don’t have to worry about switching out watches from the office to the gym.  Here’s a rundown of the features of the 775:

  • Stainless steel top ring, case, and rotating bezel
  • Analog time with three hand movement
  • ECG Accurate LED heart-rate display,
  • Quick-touch heart-rate without a chest strap
  • Digital LED Calendar (month, date, day)
  • Digital LED time display
  • Digital LED Alarm
  • Illuminated bezel and minute/hour hands
  • Mineral glass lens
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Heavy duty resin band
Even before unpacking the 775 I knew I was in the presence of a man product.  The packaging just oozed man (no pun intended) and looked like a can of AXE Body Spray with a glory hole.  The watch itself had a solid weighty feel to it that denoted quality of construction and looked like it could take a licking.  Aesthetically, I found the watch to be very attractive and it responded well to any form of light cast upon it.  My wrists are a bit third world and I tend to usually wear kid’s watches but the 775 looked good on me.  I’d say moderately sophisticated with a dollop of debonaire.  I don’t even own a suit so there’s no way I can describe how that might of felt, but I’ll let you know if I ever get one.

I think the majority of targeted 9-5ers will enjoy the chromed out finish of the watch face but might not like the band.  I see the point of the heavy duty plastic resin strap in regards to exercise but it definitely loses some style points.  From the looks of it though, you can switch out the band for something more swank if you so choose.

Setting up and using the 775 was a breeze thanks to the large and comfortable buttons on the face of the watch.  Setting the analog and digital time was super easy as were the date and alarm functions, and it took only a few minutes due to the intuitive nature of the 775.  The glowing red LED display was illuminating and bright, and all digital features were easily readable in dark and bright light scenarios.  The rotating bezel also glowed in the dark to make it useful at all times of the day.  With those things said, the 775 performed well in terms of basic functionality.

The heart rate monitor aspect of the 775 was also very streamlined.  All the contact points are on the watch with one being on the bottom side lying flush against your wrist, and the other using two buttons on the face of the watch.  Using your index finger you press the heart rate initiating button, then you immediately press your thumb on the contact button and hold.  Moments later your current heart rate is displayed in the same radiant LED display as mentioned earlier.

My only real gripe I have with the 775 is that it is inconsistent and at times required undeterred concentration to get a accurate heart rate reading out of the watch.  Sometimes I had to use extreme prejudice when it came to holding down the contact points.  I know I don’t have meaty wrists, but there were times where I couldn’t get a reading unless I was pressing the contact points with all my might.  Other instances proved the opposite in that only the slightest touch would give me a reading.  It was hard to gauge and either pressing very hard or soft would be totally random and inconsistent.  So I think it all depends on the girth of your wrist and how “in place” the contact points are.  No other complaints other than that though.  It fit really well and felt comfortable on my wrist during exercise and times at rest.  Despite the weight of the 775, I hardly noticed it while I was exercising and riding my bike.

Personally I would have liked to see some more sport watch functions on the 775 like a chronograph or a stopwatch, but that would be a different product altogether and defeat the purpose of this watch.  I think the target market of the 775 are not going to need these features anyway as they tend do do more aerobic and cardio activities rather than strength training.

Sporting (pun intended) business sheen and flair while letting you “seamlessly” check your heart rate, the 775 is a totally viable product that deserves a space in the marketplace as it is an landmark product that doesn’t have many competitors at this point.  The price may not agree with those of us on food stamps but any aging 9-5er shouldn’t think twice about the price if they are looking for a combo hybrid watch like the 775.

  • Quality design and construction
  • Easy setup and navigation of functions and controls
  • Attractive chrome polish aesthetic
  • Heart rate functions sometimes inconsistent and either require the utmost in concentration and “roid raged” fingers, or the slightest feather touch
  • Can be heavy on “girly man” wrists
  • Some 9-5ers will want a nicer band
Buy it for here for $129.95!

Jeff B