Gadget Review: Solio Magnesium Solar Charger

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Solio Magnesium Edition
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5 Comments to Gadget Review: Solio Magnesium Solar Charger

  1. I picked one of these up for $30 new from a going-out-of-business electronics store. The Mg edition (the one reviewed) is mostly made of a magnesium alloy shell and is very durable. As far as the plastic components I am unsure, however since other models are composed completely of ABS/Polycarbonate I would safe that would be a safe guess.

    I have found that direct sunlight must be very direct or the unit will not charge (not good on a cloudy day even thought the company claims it still works). I would not buy it for anything over $50, but if you are able to pick up a deal like I was then check it out.

  2. Wow, great review thanks for not including small things like technical specs of the mAh capacity!

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