I liked Vin Deisel in Saving Private Ryan.  Beyond that I didn’t really absorb his appeal.  He’s still working though, and stars in two games being released with in the next two months.  The Wheelman demo was pretty fun and sort of reminded me of Burnout meets Driver meets GTA.  The graphics were okay, nothing standout but the colors were bright and slightly stylized.  The best thing about Wheelman so far is the use of the right analog to smash into other cars.  You face a ton of cops in the demo and it feels quite unique to use the right analog to push them into oncoming traffic or into walls etc.  You also have some specialty slow motion moves reminiscent of True Crime: Streets of LA where you spin the car around backwards and move your reticle over the right spot and take out fools.  Animations of cop cars exploding and wiping out got stale quick and the driving felt very floaty at best.  Beyond that you have your turbo button and can also shoot from the car.  The demo contains an intro style campaign mission mode and two side missions that you can try three times each.  The Barcelona setting is a cool spot for a game like this but “wheel” it keep our attention through the whole thing?  Set for a March 24th release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

Jeff B