After seeing the first look featurette of this game on the Wanted Blu Ray disc, I honestly thought I wouldn’t look again.  Easily pigeonholed as a generic movie game, Wanted; Weapons of Fate might be actually be cool.  But I tell you this, once you successfully curve your first bullet it’s definitely a “boo yah son!” type of moment.  Sometimes the camera will give you a slow motion around the corner shot and others you will just see the bullet whizz around the corner.  You can tell your bullet hit because the foe will stumble into the open clutching his freshly made wound allowing for an easy second kill shot.  The demo takes place on an airplane but the game itself is set 5 hours after the events in the movie.  The gameplay relies heavily on a Gears of War type of cover system that seems to work well.  Blindfire and bullet time are present as well as movable cover but there doesn’t seem to be much for melee moves at the time of demo as I felt like I say the same bloody knee to the face animation over and over.  Hopefully Wanted: Weapons of Fate will keep it fresh for the duration so we don’t get bored.  The curving bullet aspect is “killer” and a ton of fun right from the start and I suggest you give it a try yourself.  Wanted: Weapons of Fate is set for a March 24th release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Jeff B