I just couldn’t help posting on this.  The past few months I have been pleasantly obsessed with the word dangle.  I mean who doesn’t wanna let stuff dangle?  Anyway, when I saw the Danglet I thought sweet name, lame as all hell product.  There is no way I, or anybody else is gonna trust this iAccessory to protect our beloved iStuff.  Priced at $14.99 plus S&H, I dare you to buy one and film yourself doing what these kids are doing at the end of this video.  I think I can safely say that my iPhone is something I never want to see get its dangle on!  Can it really be that secure? Look at the size of the pin!  There is no way!  Here’s a quote from the company:

“Danglet simply plugs into the dock connector port on the bottom of your iPod or iPhone, securely snapping into place, and provides a sturdy stainless steel loop through which any string or hook mounted wrist or neck strap can be attached. We provide basic wrist and neck straps with your Danglet. But, you can go ahead and use any strap you may already own or choose to buy. Danglet fits them all.”

[Danglet via iSmashPhone]

Jeff B