Clear WiMax Router Hitting Barren Shelves In April

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4 Comments to Clear WiMax Router Hitting Barren Shelves In April

  1. CLEAR kept charging me after I cancelled the service (no reception). Modem sat in a box why I racked up hundreds of dollars in fees. When realized what was happening, I called CLEAR, and they read me the fine print. Hundreds of dollars charged for ZERO kilobytes used. Ethical?

    I told them I wanted to keep the modem, b/c I was moving and would re-start it up. They said fine, but the money was still theirs.

    I will NEVER use this company again……EVER!

  2. I have one of these routers. It works great! In Portland and Vancouver the speeds are sometimes twice the advertized speed. I can’t wait for new hardware such as the Samsung Mondi that will work on this network. Kudos to Sprint and Clearwire!

  3. Well, the Seattle story is either a lie or a jumbled amalgamation of stories, because Clear wiMAX is only in Portland so far.

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