Clear Wimax has hit Portland like a kamikaze swarm of locusts in a hijacked crop dusting plane.  I recently heard a horror story testimonial of how a subscriber in Seattle last year was told by a customer service rep that they should sublet the rest of their service contract on Craig’s List if they wanted out.  Plus they said that the service was so slow it was unusable.  That was a year ago so I’m sure things have changed for the better.

Recently confirmed for a sometime in April release is the ClearWire manufactured WiMax Wifi Portable Wireless Router. The router will house up to eight 802.11 b/g-compatible devices at speeds of 4Mbs for the hot price of $139.  Bloop.  That is not taking into account your normal service fees.  As I have posted before, Oregon’s 10% unemployment rate will have a great impact on the success or failure of this service.


Jeff B