Rejoice all you Boxee and Hulu fans, the new version of Boxee supports video-optimized RSS feeds from Hulu, Google Video, Yahoo!, YouTube, and many others. The Hulu RSS support is not as polished as the original Hulu app but, hey, nothing to complain about here–just the fact that it’s now supported is tremendous. Click here for details on why Hulu was removed.

Other features include:

  • App Box- this is a first take at an application “store” that makes it easy for users to install new apps and plugins. there is also native support for 3rd party repositories, so you don’t have to rely on boxee as a gatekeeper for what goes into the official boxee app store. for example, you can add as a repository to get access to all the apps.
  • auto update- long time in the making and really bad form on our part for not having it from the beginning. but better later than never. no need to check on Twitter or our blog to know that there is a new version. now you’ll be prompted to update boxee whenever there is a new release ready.

Keep in mind this is a bleeding edge alpha version so expect some bugs and glitches. Also, Ubuntu/Linux fans are sadly left in the dark for this one.

[Boxee Blog]