A newly released patent from Apple shows that the computer maker cum media giant is considering biometric security for its next generation of iPhones and laptops.  It’s not exactly ground breaking news as other computer and cell phone manufactures have already implemented such security for some time now, but since Apple has become the holy grail of the two it’s worth a mention.

The biometric security would be based off either a voice pattern, fingerprint or finger vein pattern, with the latter being the much harder of the two to fake.  Alternatively, the webcam, which is currently built-in to the bevel of all Macbooks could perform a retina scan, which may or may not require a special camera – if not then older Mac products might just require a software upgrade.  Other biometrics are also suggested in the patent, such as DNA sequencing, but I think it’s safe to say the ones mentioned in this post are the more legit.


Christen Costa

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