Many people have either been victims or villains in the late night debacle that is drunk dialing.  I definitely have.  There always seems to be so much more to say after a few too many.  To help combat these potentially hazardous situations, a pair of drunk dialing management apps have appeared in the App Store.

Don’t Dial! and The Bad Decision Blocker for the most part do the same thing.  They lock out specific names in your address book and not allow you to call them for certain designated time periods.  From what I read the lock out is pretty die hard.  Even if you uninstall then reinstall the app, the lock stays intact.  Don’t Dial! has a designated buddy feature that let’s a friend set up a predetermined password to allow you to call the locked contact.

On the flipside, if you wanna be the most obnoxious drunk around you can give Dudler a try.  The app lets you shake the phone to randomly select a contact from your address book to call.  Group settings allow you to isolate people you should never call like mean old Uncle Gary.


Jeff B