Daily Archives: March 30, 2009


Skype iPhone App Release Date And Details Emerge


‘Take a deep breath’ because Skype, which has long existed on computers and via other iPhone apps, will officially launch its iPhone app tomorrow.  Skype users will be able to make VoIP calls over WiFi only, while cellular Skype calls will be reserved to earlier iPhone apps and hacks.  To...


Soda Can Sterilizer


Are you a germaphobe? Then you probably fret about drinking out of cans. This concept from Leon Peng eradicates the can's drinking surface of bacteria by hitting it with a healthy dose of UV light. Too bad you can't jam a [...]...


Motorola QA4 Touchscreen Slider Phone Is Official


While I’ll reserve my excitement for less leaked phones – yeah, we saw high rez pics of this back in mid February – Motorola did officially announce their QA4 slider touchscreen handset today.  While it surely is a decent looking device there isn’t anything revolutionary under its hood: 2.8-inch touchscreen,...

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