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Super-Secret Spy Lens Is The James Bond Of Photography


I heard about this ‘Super-Secret Spy Lens’, but I never thought it would reach the popularity of ‘sold out’.  If you haven’t seen this photographer accessory before and you’re into shooting candid photos of random street people then you in for a treat.  The lens, which through the magic of...


Confirmed: Verizon To Sell Netbook

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Following in the foot steps of AT&T, Verizon will begin selling subsidized Netbooks when a customer signs up for a high speed data plan.  For now, you’ll have to settle with little to no details as the Verizon’s spokeswoman Brenda Raney would only confirm the original rumor to partner with...


Gadget Rumor: Palm PRE Release Date And Price


I'm shocked that Sprint would even consider beta testers for their PRE, but that's exactly what they did. And one of them, who Twitters, Tweeted about a launch date for the handset. So when it is it? April 30th. Additionally, the source also says that the...


Samsung Papyrus Is An E-Book With A Touchscreen


Samsung, whose no stranger to displays, is getting into the book business, but not the paper type.  Yup, the e-book reader line up just got a bit longer, which might mean affordability and seeing as the Samsung’s Papyrus e-book is a rumored to be sub $300 I don’t see why...


Gadget Rumor: Orange To Sell Subsidized Apple Laptop


MobileToday in the UK is reporting that Orange, the European telecom, is close to finalizing a deal with Apple to sell their laptops at a subsidized rate.  Without referencing any solid sources, the report states that Orange would discount an Apple laptop if the subscribers signs up for two years...