Daily Archives: March 27, 2009


RebelVox Wants To Make VoiceMail Not Suck (video)


Now this looks like a cool service with some seriously plausible potential. RebelVox lets you leave an instant voice message for someone without ever having to call them. I guess that's the easiest way to explain it. It's not available now, but this well done video below...


PAMSH PS-700 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset


Is it me, or are bone conduction headphones more gimmick than anything else?  I mean really, have you ever used a pair of headphones inserted half way in to your ear?  The ambient outside noise, which these clearly don’t block, is so damn distracting it’s in ear or over ear...


Apple Biometric Security Patent Hints At DNA Sequencing


A newly released patent from Apple shows that the computer maker cum media giant is considering biometric security for its next generation of iPhones and laptops.  It’s not exactly ground breaking news as other computer and cell phone manufactures have already implemented such security for some time now, but since...