Daily Archives: March 25, 2009

Griffin Simplifi

Gadget Review: Griffin Simplifi


With the everyday clutter arising around your computer from having too many gadgets (is there such a thing?!), the Griffin Simplifi offers you an easy and compact solution to help you organize mounting untidiness [...]...


Gadget Leak: Samsung Alias 2 With Dynamic Keyboard


Samsung’s Alias2 (aka U740) ain’t exactly the best looking device set to hit the Verizon product line up for 09, but at least it might be one of the more innovative ones.  First, let’s just remember that the Alias is a phone that features a dual hinge design that displayed...


F-Cell Roadster: A Wagon Wheel Fuel Cell Concept Car Mashup


How many automotive design students does it take to build a wagon wheeled fuel cell powered car?  150.  I don’t really get it, but since it juxtaposes 19th century technology against a Formula F1 racing body it’s worth mentioning, right?  Practicality aside – better yet, impracticality aside, the Mercedes Benz...


OnLive: Console Free Gaming Or VaporWare? (video)


With all the rumblings of the PSP 4000 going with download only software, OnLive wants you to ditch your home console for their "low cost" micro console where there are no physical games and everything is downloadable. Here's a [...]...


Intelliscanner: A Personal Barcode Scanner


Some of us would only be so lucky to have a library of DVDs that reaches as far as the eye can see, or a pantry stuffed so full of food it goes stale before consumption.  So how do you manage your vast amount of worldly goods?  Pen and paper,...


USB Hot Plate Hub For Porridge and Easy Mac


One of my first reviews for this site was the USB Beverage Chiller.  Here we have the opposite.  This USB hub and hotplate has 4 USB ports, a separate on and off switch for the hotplate, and a digital clock that runs off of a battery so its power is...


Blockbuster On Demand Coming To A Tivo Box Near You


Swimming in the deep end with concrete feet and sharks circling is how I envision Blockbuster these days.  Today, in the hopes of staying afloat, they struck a deal with Tivo to offer movies on demand via the DVR company’s set top box.  But will it work?  I seriously doubt...

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