Daily Archives: March 23, 2009


iPhone App Developers For Hire? (update)


Tired of working at the cheese sandwich factory? Have a great idea for an App but aren't smart enough to learn the development code? I sure am! Newly emerged on the web is iphoneappquotes.com. Here you can pitch your app ideas and get up to three...


Rockstar Exhumes Max Payne For His 3rd Installment


The Max Payne movie was miserable. It really made me take notice that many video games are far better than movies. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic to the three newer Star Wars films as a prime example. Nonetheless, the Max Payne movie must have sparked...


Guitar Hero Metallica Demo Now On Xbox Live


Metallica are guitar heroes to many and today Xbox Live members can download the demo for the new Guitar Hero Metallica game. Guitar Hero Metallica will also be the first Guitar Hero game to incorporate a second kick drum pedal as GameStop protests that "It ain't metal with out...

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