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Gadget Leak: New 17 Inch iMac for $899?

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Today's exciting blog blurb is the purported leak from Apple's education section of their website suggesting a new 17 inch iMac for $899. That sounds great to me but would that slight defeat the purpose of the Mac Mini? This would be a smart move by Apple in...


Twitter Celebrates 3rd Birthday


While the Twitter machine is plowing full steam ahead and getting a ton of press, not many people know that the start up company is actually three years old. Everybody from celebrities to politicians to soccer moms are on Twitter, and it has definitely gone viral. Check out...


Netflix for Wii??


The consumer service description below suggests Netflix availability for the Nintendo Wii via a disc you pop in every time you want to view movies. The service would require you to buy a $9.99 streaming disc for operation and the Wii would need an internet connection. Given that...