Daily Archives: March 20, 2009


Logitech Harmony Adapter For The PS3 Confirmed


Ahhh, news of the minute. Recently confirmed as reality is the Logitech Harmony Adapter for the PS3. No longer will you need a Blue Tooth equipped connection to control movie playback or photo viewing on your PS3. The adapter will use infrared beamage and will be compatible...


App Store: Drunk Dialing Management


Many people have either been victims or villains in the late night debacle that is drunk dialing. I definitely have. There always seems to be so much more to say after a few too many. To help combat these potentially hazardous situations, a pair of drunk dialing...


Gmail Gets 5 Second Rule


I don't do it often but I get a fair share of emails with the attachments missing and another email quickly following it with the attachment intact. Google Gmail has just added an "Undo" feature that allows you to retract a sent email for up to five seconds in...


Comcast To Include WiMax To Their Comcasm


A couple weeks back I posted on the huge Clear marketing truck driving around the streets of Portland. As of last week, Comcast, who has invested a billion dollars in the Seattle based Clearwire, has announced they will start bundling the WiMax service. Portland will be the first...


Demo Impression: Ninja Blade Xbox 360 Only


Holy visceral cerebral action packed craziness! Acting as sort of a Saints Row to the Ninja Gaiden genre, the Ninja Blade demo quickly lets you know it ain't f**king around. Equipped with an enhanced epilepsy warning suggesting smaller TV size, my 60" Sony saw the extreme bludgeoning that...

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