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USB Plug & Play Cell Phone Antenna

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I don't go out in public a whole lot, but when I do I usually hear about somebody that gets crappy cell reception from their living space. Whereas older iterations of cell phone antenna's have either been too expensive or the set up wasn't worth the hassle, this USB...


AT&T Confirms Contract Free 3G iPhones


A week from today you will be able to enter an AT&T store and purchase a contract free Apple 3G iPhone. Respectively priced at $599 and $699 for 8G and 16G models, the iPhones will be totally free from the standard two year service contract. What I haven't...


Internet Explorer 8.0 Final Released


Today Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 8.0. According to initial reports, the new browser has a lot to like and becomes a solid contender in the war of browsers....