Daily Archives: March 18, 2009


Echodio: Sync Your iTunes Library To The Web


Yet another free storage service has launched, however this one, called Echodio, integrates directly into your iTunes and lets you stream uploaded music.  They’re currently in beta and offering 1GB of storage for free.  To use the service you simply sign up, install a plugin on your computer and then...


Magic Chair: Like A Russian Doll But Cooler


Tight on space and short on seating?  Well do I have the answer for you: the Magic Chair.  I didn’t say it would be comfortable, but it sure is efficient from a space perspective.  Much like a Russian Doll, 3 smaller chairs – each one subsequently smaller – reside inside...


Gadget Leak: Apple To Sell No Contract iPhone 3G


Either Apple is a bit over anxious about the Palm PREs release or they’ve got a new iPhone coming.  Because come March 26th existing AT&T customers will be able to purchase an unsubsidized iPhone 3G with no contract – at least according to this leaked slide.   Pricing for a no...


Shuttle X50 Touchscreen All-In-One PC Officially Released


Shuttle officially released their X50 All-In-One PC today.  It’s a touchscreen computer that can be operated sans keyboard and sports a slightly unusual hinged handle for easy transport.  Included is a stylus that stores neatly inside the computer’s chassis and the machine emits just 22db of noise and consumes 30W...


Video Walk Through Of iPhone 3.0 Software (video)


Perhaps the screen shots of iPhone 3.0 Software circulating the Net weren’t enough for you?  If not, then you’re in luck, because the dudes and gals at Engadget scored a video walk through of the new and sort of soon to be released OS.  The video’s pacing is a bit...