Daily Archives: March 17, 2009


Spaulding iHoop Is Basketball Meets iPod


Have companies no shame? The Spalding iHoop is your standard issue basketball net and stand with an iPod dock (compatible with other MP3 players), speakers and subwoofer built-in to its base. The speakers are made of marine grade plastic to insure they last through rain, humidity [...]...


AgfaPhoto Claims First Hi-Def Photo Frame


AgfaPhoto is making a rather lame claim: the first True HD LCD photo frame.  Available in sizes 10 and 13-inches, the high resolution – which hasn’t been specified – is rather moot given the frames’ small size.  The displays are available in black or white, measure 22mm thick and come...


iPhone 3.0 Software Biggest And Best


So what does Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 offer?  Check it: Push notification for applications.  That means you can get an IM and not have the app running.  Sweet and finally Copy and paste.  Double tap on some text and you’ll get a pop up for ‘cut, copy or paste.’  Double...


ToughDrive Sport HDD From Freecom Can Survive A 6 Foot Fall


Freecom’s latest HDD, the ToughDrive Sport, probably doesn’t need too much of explanation given it’s namesake.  Housed in rubber casing and sporting a climbing rope like USB cord, the ToughDrive can survive falls up to 6 feet thanks to its internal anti-shock mechanism.  The Toughdrive is available now in capacities...


Wiispray: Virtual Graffiti On Your Wii


I think it's is fair to say that the Nintendo Wii has changed video gaming as we know it today. So it's no surprise when we see concepts like this popping up that meld urban art with an electronic medium. Called theWiispray, the Wiimote docks into a canister...

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