Daily Archives: March 13, 2009


New Features Added To GadgetReview


Site Updates: * We now have separate feeds. That means you can get a news only, deals only, or reviews only feed. * Threaded comments are now working, which means you can respond to someone * Subscribe to comments...


Confirmed: Samsung Instinct Mini


Remember the rumored Samsung Instinct Mini from last week?  Well, a very reliable source just told me that there might be (i.e. rumored) two, yes TWO Samsung Instincts in 2009.  They also confirmed that the above picture is in fact called the Instinct Mini, will have a 3.2-inch LCD and...


Nintendo Wii Price Going Up In The UK…Suckers


Finally, it sucks to live in the UK.  Okay, the UK has crappy weather and some horrendously bad food, but those looking to purchase the Nintendo Wii come April 1st will find themselves faced with a £20 increase over the original retail price.   Why so?  The Pound has taken...


Gadget Rumor: Nintendo Wii USB Hard Drive


According to reports, the Wii will be getting a huge storage bump in the form of a dual 32GB or 64GB USB external hard drive. If the rumors are true, the storage unit will connect to the two rear USB ports and fit flush to become an “extension” of the...

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