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Asus Unveils Wireless EzLink Displays At CeBit


Asus is taking the LCD monitor to new heights, or in this case distances thanks to the introduction of their Wireless EzLink LCD displays.  Users can connect their computer to their display via a Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) or Wireless USB HWA (Host Wire Adapter) and according to Asus,...


Demo Impressions: Wheelman


I liked Vin Deisel in Saving Private Ryan. Beyond that I didn't really absorb his appeal. He's still working though, and stars in two games being released with in the next two months. The Wheelman demo was pretty fun and sort of reminded me of Burnout meets...


Gadget Rumor: Apple Touchscreen Netbook


Apple’s rumored Netbook computer has once again surfaced.  This time reports state that Taiwan based Wintek is supplying the computer manufacture with some sort of touch panels for a laptop due out in Q3 of this year.  Rumors about an Apple netbook emerged late last year and were quickly squashed...


Gadget Review: Altus Lumen PAD-L LED Light

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If you’re outdoors in the dark, you’ll probably need a flashlight. Unfortunately, almost every flashlight is built the same way as a long tube. This makes it convenient to carry, but makes it less convenient to prop up anywhere. Even worse is that most flashlights are cumbersome to carry due...