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Gadget Review: Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

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With music and computers being so eternally lip locked these days, it's only practical to have every piece of sound gear be computer compatible. Zoom's H2 Handy Recorder is just that and much more thanks to a plethora of features and superb sound reproduction [...]...


Gadget Leak: Nokia 7205 Intrigue Official Photos


Rumor says that the Nokia Intrigue is hitting Verizon Wireless on March 15th.  Until then (if the launch date is accurate) enjoy some press photos of the handset.  On the outside shell of the device are dedicated touch media keys, while the inside of the 7205 Intrigue is a WQVGA...


Demo Impression: Wanted: Weapons Of Fate


After seeing the first look featurette of this game on the Wanted Blu Ray disc, I honestly thought I wouldn't look again. Easily pigeonholed as a generic movie game, Wanted; Weapons of Fate might be actually be cool. But I tell you this, once you successfully curve your...


Kevlar And Carbon Fiber Wire Frame Bike


Until I bought my Specialized bicycle a few years ago, I thought they were all about function and completely void of form.  Turns out I was wrong.  When I started shopping for the right bicycle I realized I was searching for both form and function.  Some how aesthetics got in...

WWE Legends of WrestleMania1

Demo Impression: WWE Legends Of WrestleMania


I really thought that this game might actually bring the nostalgia. Mixing veteran legends such as Hulk Hogan and Ted Dibiase with newer legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock, WWE legends is that same old game. While I though it would be mildly amusing to...


A Chair That Converts To A Table…Or Something


Live in NYC?  Then you probably live in a shoebox and store all your pots and pans in the oven, amongst other things that you do or don’t know about.  Save a little more space, or perhaps a little more seating with the HC Andersen lounge chair that folds down...

Chronicles of riddick assault on Dark Athena 1

Demo Impression: Riddick Dark Athena


Never having played the first Riddick game I new people liked it. The stealth and melee emphasized FPS is back with "Assault on Dark Athena." Set on a space ship a la' Dead Space, the demo is short and to the point. You get to try a...