Daily Archives: March 6, 2009


DanceDanceRevolution S iPhone: Finger Shoes Not Included


With the massive success of tap tap revenge and the recent release of its sequel, Konami is puts its foot down (ha-ha) and brings you DanceDanceRevolution S for the iPhone. At $6.99, all 51 reviews on the app store are nothing short of pants changing. "Worth the wait,...


BeBook E-Reader 2 Revealed, The First Touchscreen E-Reader


I’m a little disappointed, since I was expecting an official announcement from Endless Ideas, but the ever present and dominating Engadget got a quick hands on with the latest BeBook.  Price and actual release date weren’t confirmed the device does in fact have a touchscreen, although it’s not clear what...


Avalung Lets You Breath Easy In An Avalanche (video)


I’m scared to death of suffocating.  Fortunately, I don’t do any crazy helicopter downhill skiing where an avalanche is eminent due to the fresh powder factor.  If you do, though, you might want to look into the AvaLung from Black Diamond.  It works by taking the fresh air around you...

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