Daily Archives: March 5, 2009


Star Trek Cologne: Redefining Oxymoron


Don't Trekkies have it hard enough? Or soft enough if you catch my double meaning? Regardless though, who greenlights this madness? On sale for $30-$40 next month in department stores across the whatever, you can choose between three brutally e(a)ffective scents that go by the names of...


Gadget Concept: Snooc Wireless Hair Straightener


My hair is so thick and curly that anytime I comb it after shower I end up looking like one of Howard Hughes' girlfriends. I tried a straightener once and didn't like the burning sensation or the smell. Here we have a design that takes the shape of...


icePod: Eat What You Have


Jack Donaghy says never talk down on synergy. I think he would be very proud of this product. The icePod Klondike style ice cream bar screams for media placement. It looks pretty tasty and appears to have some layered chocolate action going on. This is definitely...


LED Shower Door, Need I Say More


Water and technology have their place with one and other, but often they go together like tuna and peanut butter.  What exactly do I mean?  Get your tech wet and usually it’s fried.  The Cromobox LED shower door however, is the perfect combination of bathtub fun and LED lighting.  The...


Gadget Rumor: Samsung Instinct Mini…Or 2


I had like two beers last night and woke up with a hangover.  Totally unfounded if you ask me.  And so are these pics of what is rumored to be a Samsung Instinct Mini (or Instinct 2).  What the hell is up with ‘mini’?  Mini isn’t necessarily better, but I...

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