Daily Archives: March 4, 2009


Clear Is Clearly Spending Bank


Clear WiMax is making a huge push here Portland, Oregon. As the Oregon unemployment rate rises to 9.9% Clear is hoping you'll make the switch to save some coin. In my opinion, it would be great to have around town and at the airport, but I need faster...


PSP To Finally Stake Its Claim To Fame?


Everyone's always harping on the PSP for being so lame. I love my PSP. Sure there's not a s**t ton of games out right now but the franchised games like Syphon Filter, Silent Hill, GTA, and MGS are just an example of the quality that can be the...


Zillion TV: TV On Demand In Exchange For Ad Viewing


The streaming set top box battle is most certainly heating up.  Yesterday, Netflix announced that the Roku box is now compatible with Amazon’s Video on Demand service.  Today, Zillion TV unveiled its set top box that provides streaming, on demand content in exchange for watching ads.  But not just any...


Hama iPhone/Touch Gaming Controllers (video)


Recently unveiled at CeBIT, Hama shows us two of its new gaming pads for the iPhone/Touch. One is a racing wheel for the bevy of racing titles already out there and the other is odd looking case/game pad thing. While the racing wheel appears to have buttons, the case...

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