Daily Archives: March 3, 2009


Gadget Review: Mili iPhone Battery Pack (video)


When the iPod hit the market accessories for the device were few and far between.  By the time the iPhone launched there were more accessories available for the handset then we knew what to do with.  Jumping on board into this already crowded and turbulent sea is Phonesuit, with their...


Danglet: You Know What I Wanna Say! (video)


I just couldn't help posting on this. The past few months I have been pleasantly obsessed with the word dangle. I mean who doesn't wanna let stuff dangle? Anyway, when I saw the Danglet I thought sweet name, lame as all hell product. There is no...


Roku Adds Amazon Video On Demand Support


Today, Roku added Amazon.com's Video On Demand (VoD) service to its Roku media player. Now you'll be able to rent and/or purchase Amazon.com's huge lineup of media directly from the Roku device. This effectively eliminates the need to subscribe to Netflix's service....


Mio Officially Unveils GPS Phone, The Explora K70


Mio, a long time GPS manufacture, entered into the phone market with the Explora K70 today.  Officially unveiled at CeBIT 2009, the Window Mobile 6.1 based phone includes turn-by-turn GPS navigation, 3G connectivity, a 3.5-inch 400×240 touchscreen, 3MP camera with geotagging, Bluetooth and WiFi.  Apparently, Mio has no plans to...

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