How much fun would knowing this dude be?  Nathan Smith, a musician from Los Angeles was wandering around Google Earth and claims to have stumbled on the location of a sunken Spanish boat wreckage buried underneath some waterway near Refugio,Texas.  Containing riches beyond his modest musician’s salary, the estimated 3 billion dollars was apparently enough to get his ass off the computer.  So he packed a metal detector in his guitar case Desperado style and on headed down to Texas.  When he got there he ran into his first roadblock.  Owned land.  The late Morgan Dunn O’Connor was the rightful owner of the land, and Mr. Smith was halted by an infamous Gandolfism.  Unable to get at the “Dead Man’s Chest”, the scenario shifts to the courtroom.  Mr. Smith’s lawyers claim that the ship is buried in a “navigable” waterway, and according to US law, would be a finder’s keepers type of situation.  Texas state lawyers say that there is no waterway, and the O’Connor family wants first dibs too.  This is just too awesome!  So what, no one has seen the Lochness?  Or BigFoot hitting the bong with Phelpsie?  No Cthulhu?  What about Area 51?  C’mon people, get to it!


Jeff B