I have a PS3 but I don’t buy PS3 games.  I use it to watch Blu Ray movies from Netflix.  Sony’s latest last ditch effort is to utilize the large capacity of the Blu Ray Disc by combining a movie and a game on one disc.  Sitting dead last in the console race behind Nintendo’s Wii and Mircrosoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s having trouble keeping its system “Present Proof” let alone “Future Proof” in which they boasted upon release of the PS3.  How will this work?  Some random movie with some random game?  Will the game and the movie have anything to do with one another, like movie games?  Ironman 2 game with Ironman movie?  It doesn’t sound that cool to me and I don’t want to mix my media like that.  Maybe two games on one disc?  Or 3 to 5 movies per disc?  I dunno, but they better have some more promising ideas looming soon!  Already in progress, we should see some combo titles sometime this year.  Bloop.


Jeff B