Sony unvieled 5 new headphones today for their XB series, which stands for extra bass.  Details in the press release (below) are scarce, but they’re two types: over the ear and in-ear bud headphones.

The MDR-XB700/500/300 features king sized cushioning made from synthetic leather.  The MDR-XB700 include 50mm driver, while the lower models presumably sport smaller drivers.

The MDR-XB40EX and MDR-XB20EX, the earbud phones, feature what Sony is calling ‘seismic bass’ via ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design’, something they say reduces sound leakage.  The MDR-XB40EX seem to be the flag ship of the two and sport vertical driver orientation that yes, you guessed it, increase bass.  Both earbud models include ‘flat-section’ cord (something we saw on the Dr. Dre Buds), which should reduce tangling.

Expect the Sony XB headphone to go on sale some time this March.  Price has yet to be announced.

9 February 2009 7:0
How low can you go:

XB series headphones by Sony deliver the lowest ever bass

o    Unique design recreates club ambience with powerful, ultra-low bass response

o    Exclusive driver unit reproduces low frequencies accurately

o    King size ear cushion (MDR-XB700/500/300) and wide headband for maximum wear comfort
Hip-hop? Dubstep? Drum’n’bass? Whatever you’re into, there’s a new range of headphones from Sony for music lovers with tastes that go a little deeper.
The dramatically styled new XB series creates a heavy club vibe with rich, powerful bass you can really feel. Standing for “eXtra Bass”, the new XB range accurately reproduces ultra-low frequencies without compromising crystal-clear midrange vocals and high frequency sounds.
The five-model XB range is headed by the closed-type MDR-XB700. This premium headphone features innovative Sony technologies that take you straight to the heart of the dancefloor.
Inside, there’s a rugged, extra-large 50mm dome-type driver that effortlessly reproduces pristine ultra-low frequencies. Optimised bass performance is balanced by clear, uncoloured reproduction of high- and mid-frequencies for a rich, satisfying soundscape.
As you’d expect from Sony, styling is as striking as the sonic performance. Sumptuously crafted from synthetic leather, the king-sized ear cushion (MDR-XB700/500/300) reduces sound leakage for fat, booming bass with excellent sound isolation. The unique urethane cushion spreads pressure evenly, providing comfortable wear over extended listening periods.
Complementing the king-sized ear cushion, a wide headband features a new ‘seamless’ design for cutting-edge looks plus extra wear comfort.
Also available, the in-ear MDR-XB40EX and MDR-XB20EX deliver seismic bass thanks to an innovative ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design that minimises sound spillage. The innovative vertical driver orientation (with MDR-XB40EX only) delivers clear, powerful audio with extended bass without compromising listening comfort.
Brushed aluminium accents (with MDR-XB40EX only) and a durable new flat-section cord add the final touches to this distinctive, highly desirable range of headphones.
The XB series of headphones with Extended Bass is available from March 2009.

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