Before you roll your eyes and huff about yet another digital camera I insist you read on as the Ricoh CX1 is like no point and shoot before.  Sure it’s got the usual features, such as 7.1x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD and 9.3 megapixel sensor.  But what makes this camera truly unique are three special features: HDR image capture, multitarget auto focus function and slow-mo.  HDR, or high dynamic range capture the scene at two exposure levels.  Usually you have to do this in post, but the CX1 does this instantaneously and should make for some snazzy, and perhaps overly trendy photographs.  The multitarget AF function allows the camera to predetermine 7 focal lengths and then with a push of the shutter button consecutively captures them.  Lastly, it can capture 640×480 video at up to 120 fps.

No word on US release or price.


Christen Costa

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