Purple Hannah Montana PSP Announced, I’m Nauseous

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

29 Comments to Purple Hannah Montana PSP Announced, I’m Nauseous

  1. HI, i was thinking of buying my 8 year old daughter one of these systems but have been told not recomended for 8 year old girl do to lack of girly games and fragile??? any other advise would be nice 1 thanks

  2. Unregistered

    LOL. Phail D8; I like the color,but the fact that its Hannah Montana related…ew. ;_; This won’t sell to the gaming community.

  3. hey ur so cool and i luv u and i luv the hannah montana psp game pack and i am getting for christmas bc i am rich

  4. Tisean Griffiths

    Hannah please let me be one of the ten prize winner. My parents said they would bye me one but they don’t have the money so i am begging you plesaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me be one of the ten grand prize winners.

  5. Dear hannah, my parents r nice and everything but they said they would get me apsp but they dont got money to get me one so please let me be one out of the ten winners but if im not then ill just have to try some other time gtg bye also i lov your shows espelliacially when u r little and your going to florida and your dad writes u a song and your little then u grow up and get bigger every day i also lov u and wish i was your sister bc i would have a famous dad and a famous sister by.

  6. abut time a gurl colored psp came out.i was kinda hoping 4 a pink one but lilac is okayy:i want one soooo badlyD:<

  7. I actually really like the color of the psp, and am considering getting it although I am not too huge a fan of Hannah Montana if I did get it I would probably try to sell the game to a used game store or trade it in for something the held my interest more. But I have been thinking of getting a psp for a while and think will end up getting this one.

  8. Listen man, i know the male population runs the gamer world, but you ahve to think. Lets expand our horizons here, this is a great idea. Not only is Sony is pushing for more sales on the psp, nbut they are trying to grab the attention of female and younger gamers. I dont know why your saying this is awful. If all this is great for those gamers. If you dont like it just stick with the best model. Classic Psp1001 Phat Black Model <3

  9. i like this ive wanted a psp for a long time but was always waiting for a girl coloured one…i just wish i knew when it came out and how much it was…

  10. If you’re interested in ever finding out what a vigina looks like, I would seriously consider embracing this PSP. With my current black PSP and dealing with “Gameboys” all my life it’s about time a girls system has come around.

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