Got an iPhone?  By now you probably have amassed quite a large number of contacts, that is unless of course your some sorta of weird hermit that never leaves his…I mean your apartment (guilty).  And putting a face to all those names can be challenging.  Here to assist you is Photo Phonebook app.  Assuming you’ve got the same contacts on your Facebook account (with the same name – I’m guessing), the free app connects your iPhone’s contact list with your friends and automatically uploads their profile photo.  As with any Facebook app you’ll need to login and give the app permission to connect.

I downloaded the app and gave it a whirl.  In theory it works, but I was only able to sync about 9 friends and then after that the app went a little haywire.  Apparently, the iPhone restricts phonebook pics to 100 (I have yet to substantiate this claim), but since I can’t even get the sync beyond nine contacts this was a moot point.  There also seems to be an option to ‘request photos’ but the details are a bit vague, as is the app’s whole UI.

[Appstore via Techcrunch]

Christen Costa

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