Ok, most of us iPhone disciples are familiar with the Ocarina, Sonic Lighter and iFlute apps, and how the microphone reacts to small bursts of air to make the wind pipes work.  I usually say “Only in America” but now I can say “Only in Korea” in regards to Pantech’s Korean IM-S410K Sky Wind.  Utilizing Fantalog Interactives Emotion Engine Software, the Sky Wind can recognize short and long bursts of air to control such important functions as adjusting screen brightness and switching wallpapers.  On a more functional level, though, you’ll be able to snap photos with a burst of air, while using both of your hands to stabilize the shot.  The engine also features movement detection and relative motion control via the accelerometer to steady the picture.  With a 3 year exclusivity agreement on the engine, it’s more than likely that we will see a Pantech Sky Wind enabled phone in the near future.  Now the question everyone is about to ask themselves…will there be a “Break Wind” edition?  I could go on, butt, kids read blogs too, yah know.


Jeff B