Monthly Archives: February 2009


Summer-Ski: Death Toy Or Rollerblade Rehash?


What the hell are these things? Spotted at the Toy Fair last week, the Summer-Ski supposedly lets you hit pavement like it were that backwoods of snowy Maine. Too bad the product's website is about as vague as hooker getting questioned by the police [...]...


Gadget Rumor: Verizon Wireless iPhone In 2010


Take it or leave it, there are rumors floating around that Apple might be preparing an EVDO, or even LTE compatible iPhone.  In other words. Steve’s first suitor, Verizon Wireless, might be the next service provider to get the handset.  Why so?  ITExaminer sites job postings by Apple searching for...


Alaska Airlines To Debut Wi-Fi In the Sky


If you happen to commute from Seattle to San Jose during the day via Alaska Airlines, you are going to be treated to their 60 day Wi-Fi trial. In development for over two years the service by Row 44 will use specialized Boeing 737-700 passenger jets. Hoping to determine...

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