I love that Direct TV ad with Beyonce’ going “I wanna upgrade yah!”  That’s what RapidRepair wants to holler at you.  Only if you have a 5th Gen iPod though, according to my source.  Why only a 5th Gen iPod?  Doubling the capacity of the current iPod Classic, the upgrade takes the form of a Toshiba drive.  Introduced last year, the drive has an improved load time, and spins at a fast 4,200 RPM’s.  No word yet on pricing or street date, but there is a waiting list available for the drive.  RapidRepair will do the upgrade install for you, but they also offer a “Self-Installation” service, but no details on that.  RapidRepair also wants you to know that the drive is not compatible with PC’s, iPod Classic’s, and Zune’s, but a future firmware update could quell the issue.  So will this be cool?


Jeff B