Skype and Nokia may have partnered today, but I guarantee it will be quickly overshadowed by carrier blockage.  What do I mean?  So the partnership integrates Skype into many of Nokia’s phones going forward.  They’ll start with the Nseries and more specifically the N97.  Nokia and Skype intend to let users dial out using Skype over both 3G and WiFi.  WiFi is fine and all, but if carriers allow 3G calls they’ll potentially eat into their profits since most data plans include an almost unlimited amount of bandwidth.  Or will they?  I’m at a cross road in this discussion (with myself) because carriers now make a shit load of money through text messaging.  It costs the carrier nothing and idiots, such as myself, always go over the allotted amount in my plan.  It remains to be seen what will happen, but perhaps this is why we have yet to see a Skype app on the iPhone?


Christen Costa

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