Nintendo Announces New DSi Colors, Pretty In Pink

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75 Comments to Nintendo Announces New DSi Colors, Pretty In Pink

  1. adam logan

    Even though the DSi and Wii have similar prices, I'd go with the DSi because its more portable and the Wii is  behind on the hardware to date.

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  2. Hi, I am looking to purchase two of the new colors of DSi for Christmas and was under the impression that they would not be available in the US until March.

    Is this info wrong?

  3. the pink is a dark i wish there was a lighter color than tis dark pink its hot pink i lik light!!!!!
    i wish a hot pink comes out

  4. i already have a blue one and i have a regular nintendo ds and i have a wii,a xbox 360,a playstation 2 and 1 and a psp

  5. OMG I LOVE THE GREEN DSi!!!! I want it sooooo badly! I hope it comes out around Christmas or something! I don’t won’t to wait until March! Why does Japan always get it first? Why can’t we all get the colors in every continent AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!! GO GREEN!!! <3 :]

  6. i have good news and bad for some people on sept 13 pink and white will be in the usa yay i am lucky i didnt buy he blue one coz i wanted the pink 1 so girlz who bought the blue one and wanted the pink or the white one arenot lucky at all u know i was buying the blue and i didnt mean to wait till the pink one come out s0 i am so lucky that i didnt buy the blue one pink is my fav :D

  7. I think that the metallic blue and pink dsi are coming out in australia on September 24th. Oh, and for the people who like the pink color. The Pink is coming out on the 13th of September in america and so is a white color. I think in christmas they might bundle up the metallic blue with some game and they might just not bundle it and let it come out with no game. But the good news is that almost every color thats in japan and all the other countries are gonna come to america in a year if not 5 months. So the blue dsi and the green dsi might come out in April 2010 and the pink as i said will come out on September 12th. But who ever likes the pink has to hurry up and go get one before they run out.

  8. i would like the green one but if not black but it’s in japan so why is this happening to me …… i want to go to japan and buy it cause i know japaness very good and i can learn more if i want to !!!!!!!!!!! so unfair


    I know. Japan now has at least 5 colors and a black nintendo wii.
    I really want a pink one.
    Why does nintendo want to torture us like this.

  10. Bobobobobobob

    Cool. I think its not fair they get everything new. I love the dsi. I am getting one for christmas!!!!!!!!

  11. Can anyone tell me when the pink one will come out in the UK??? I really want the pink one for my birthday x.

  12. i hate this blue ds i am gonna buy it soon and i want the pink one!!!! i love pink its my fav color!:(:(

  13. My birthday is August 22nd and i REALLY want the pink one. Will it be in Canada by then? And wen it does come out n if i hav a ugly blue 1, would i be able to trade it in for a pink. And if so, WHERE?.

  14. i cannot assure you that it will come out in August it was just a guess but
    now japan has a red version !!!!!!! . I mean i really want a dsi in pink but i guess nintendo are just waiting. I guess we just got to be patient and wait………………………..and wait………….?!?!?!!?

    • Yeah, there is. But right now you can only buy it in Japan, or online for even more money. It will most likely be released in the US late this year.. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

      PS: I ♥ PINK!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. i love the p!nk one! so cute. its july now and no new colors have came ;(. prob. come n a few months or so. cant w8!!!:)

  16. The dsi colors came out 5 months after the release date in Japan so surely that means that they will come out in the USA in August. August is my guessing. ?!?!?!!?

  17. i really want the green one and my bro wants the blue one (metallic) but i want the shop and i have wifi and the shop ends in october 5 2009 and i relly like the green one so if any one can tell me when the new colors for the dsi come out in the usa. please!!

  18. purple girl

    Do you guys know if there is such thing as a purple dsi? If you’ve seen one in america tell me where to find it1 Please!! (I’m obsessed with purple!)

  19. purple girl

    I just wish that people would make a purple dsi! They didn’t make a purple ds lite, or a purple original ds. It’s so unfair!!!! But if they don’t make a purple one, then I’ll just have the metallic blue, that’s close to purple, right? If only America got ANY new colors, black and light blue is just so BORING!!!!!!

  20. I am dying for the pink DSI for my 5th grade grad present from my parents. Hope that pink will be available soon.

  21. Omg, pretty in pink??!??!?!?!!!!! it looks like a dora the explorer pink, id go with the green- perfexion!!! uhm it comes out on the 25th of march in the usa i think

  22. Hunni ( the one that wanted the pink dsi)
    it will be out soon in america about a week or so after japan!

  23. THANKS SARAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!


  24. i think the dsi will come out in america about a week or 2 or 3 weeks after Japan! maybe in june sometime ! wat color do u prefer the PINK, GREEN OR BLUE???????????????????


  25. PLZ!!! tell me when will the Pink DSi come to the America? I’m getting one but I want one in Pink.

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