The Metal Gear Solid Touch official website is finally here.  There’s not a whole lot to it.  Seems as it was a little rushed as some of the options such as the trailer are not available at this time.  The interface attempts to be slick, but there’s just not a lot to do.  Check it out and see what you think.  This will probably be the biggest game release yet on the iPhone, and I’m sure it will maintain the quality production standards of its predecessors.  I have yet to play MGS4, but from the look of it, it takes place with in that same time period. Hopefully it will cover new territory and not be some rehashed cliff notes version of MGS4.  From what I hear, the game is tailored towards more shooting and sniping rather than sneaking and gadgets.  All new “touch” controls are implemented for the iPhone and I’m sure fanboys are glazing monitors as I write this in anticipation of this huge release.  Pun intended.  Will this be Apple’s kickoff of their new “Premium Games App Store?”


Jeff B