Razer Moray 1

The more I review earbuds the more I am impressed with the cheap ones.  I’m on a self professed quest to find the ultimate pair of earbuds and though that day may never arrive, I am impressed today.  In the past I felt that my earbuds reviews went on a little long, so I am going to cut to the chase with this one.

For under $40, the Razer Moray Gaming Earbuds are a fantastic buy that will easily satisfy any gamer looking to pick up a pair of earbuds for portable gaming as well as digital music.  Besides the three different rubber inserts, nice embroidered carrying case, and the airplane adapter, the Morays don’t really have any features.  They have a longer than average cord that feels nice to the touch and is not too sticky or smooth, and the jack is your standard gold 3.5mm vertical jack.

They fit very well and didn’t need much adjusting even when being active and walking around.  They sounded awesome through my PSP and had a very tight and balanced sound.  They brought out the atmospherics in Silent Hill, and reflected gunplay and explosions with fair accuracy in Syphon Filter.  They even sounded great playing metal through my iPod.  They, they, they!  The snug fit allowed for a lot of bass which could be alleviated by pulling them out a bit.  The tight fit also helped them isolate outside noise and I had no problems staying undistracted.  I played some racing game on my iPhone and they sound fine there too.  Finally I plugged them into my home theater amplifier and played Call of Duty where they sounded horrible as they just couldn’t handle the power.

I just really liked these gaming earbuds.  If you are looking for a quality pair of earbuds for portable gaming, music or both, the Razer Morays are a sweet deal.


  • Great sound across multiple platforms
  • Snug fit that lasts
  • Fair price for what you get


  • Audiophiles may want more from the sound
  • Can’t handle console gaming
  • Not enough features to make them appeal to a broader audience

Buy them here for $31.48!

Jeff B