Half the fun of capturing pictures on a digital camera is sharing them with others or looking at them yourself. When you find a group of particularly interesting images, you could print them out and frame them, but then you would need a separate frame for each picture. A better solution is to store and display all your images in a digital picture frame.

Like other digital picture frames, the GiiNii GN-711W 7-inch Wedge Digital Picture Frame lets you store images on a variety of memory cards (SD, MMC, xD, and MS) or transfer images directly from a computer to the built-in 512Mb memory. Oddly, the GiiNii picture frame includes a USB port but does not include a USB cable, which you’ll have to buy separately.

While most picture frames let you create visual transition effects or play movie files (AVI) or audio files (MP3 and WMA), the GiiNii frame also provides a limited number of editing tools for changing the brightness, ratio, contrast, or color of your photos. If your pictures need drastic corrections, you’ll need to rely on Photoshop or other photo editing tools, but the GiiNii’s simple tools can make a good picture look even better.

To access these various effects, the picture frame displays four buttons on the side of its triangular base. This base makes the picture frame sturdy and compact, but its four control buttons on the side all look alike with no identifying labels to be found. You’ll constantly need to refer back to the manual to figure out which button does what, and if you lose the manual, you’ll just be forced to stare at four identical buttons and left to press each one to figure out what it really does.

One added bonus of this picture frame is its inclusion of a clock, calendar, and alarm. Instead of just displaying pictures one after another, it displays a clock and calendar in between images. Now you can check the time and look at your pictures.

Perhaps the most interesting feature has little to do with displaying images at all. You can program the picture frame to lower its power consumption by a fixed percentage that you choose. This helps save power at certain times of the day, such as at night when nobody will likely be looking at your pictures anyway.
If you just want a digital picture frame, you can find that anywhere, but if you want a power-saving, alarm clock picture frame, you should definitely look at the GiiNii Wedge picture frame.


  • Built-in 512Mb of memory for storing pictures
  • Accepts SD, MMC, xD, and MS media cards
  • 800×480 resolution
  • Includes a clock, calendar, and alarm
  • Works with MP3, WMA, ABI, JPEG, TIF, and GIF
  • Offers energy-saving feature


  • Does not include a USB cable for connecting and transferring files from a computer
  • Cryptic control buttons

The GiiNii GN-711W Wedge Digital Picture Frame is available here for $80

Wallace Wang