EA Active

Software titans EA  will engage in a new battle on May 19th.  EA Active will be in direct competition with Nintendo’s Wii Fit in the realm of exercise games.  Whereas Nintendo has done this before with the power pad, this will be EA’s first foray into exercise games.  At a selling price of $60 instead of Wii’s $90, EA already has a huge advantage.  If EA can figure out a way to accurately judge Body Fat %, then Wii Fit could have a real contender on its hands.  The available pics don’t indicate any type of balance board that you stand on and features and specs are limited at the moment.  Elastic power bands and nunchuk pockets are part of the set up and there are around 20 exercises and motivational challenges to start with, and probably more to download later.  The nunchuk pocket holds the controller while you do leg exercises as it gauges your technique and repetitions.  Aimed at females, the virtual trainer resembles Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene.  Sounds like the product is developing nicely.  Sounds interestingly sweaty.


Jeff B