Ever want to get filmed while sleeping?  Featuring full Mac systems integration, this software uses your iSight or any other webcam to film you while you sleep and track detailed statistics.  When activated, Dream Recorder logs you out of iChat, disables your screen saver, and switches your mail sound off, all so it can watch you sleep better.  It even has a snore sensor to let you know when and how much you are snoring.  Exploring the site and the demo, I have yet to see a fart sensor as I know that is very important to all of you out there sharing a bed with someone else.  I’m not sure if it even works with couples as a love making sensor and judge would be just awesome.  Like if it told you the next morning that you sucked in the sack or that you came about 10 seconds too early.  Or if it had an old man’s heavy breathing in the background to really f**k up your dreams.  In all seriousness, this is a pretty involved program and very dedicated to helping you learn to sleep better.  You can download the demo for free for a bit to check it out.

Here’s a quick list of features:

  • Full sleep monitoring with night vision, no wires, no long preparation. Just use your Mac and your iSight
  • Control your nights with accurate statistics, including night time, recovery and dream periods. Ideal for sportsmen
  • Wake-up naturally at the end of a sleep cycle and experience mornings full of energy
  • Snoring detection system with integrated anti-snoring whistles
  • Sounds while you dream… are sounds influencing dreams ? Well, try the waterfall ambiance :-)
  • Play relaxation music or your favorite lullaby for a peaceful bed time. Dream Recorder will take care
  • Full iTunes integration for importing your own sounds for relaxation, waking-up or dream feedback
  • Voice controlled snooze. Growl and the chime stops ringing. Be a friend again to your alarm clock
  • Voice controlled notepad for your dreams. Just speak and your voice is recorded. Annotate them next day
  • Make a quicktime movie of your night with time stamping. What happens during the third of your life ?

Peep it Here!


Jeff B