I live in Portland, Oregon, where 3G networks are moderate at best.  I was in Virginia and Florida over the holidays, and my iPhone 3G was unstoppable.  I had no idea 3G was so much better on the East Coast than it is in the Pacific North West.  Anyway, call me a fanboy, but the iPhone 3G doesn’t have to be perfect to be the best.  I would never let the iPhone’s alleged inadequacies bring me down, and I would never sue Apple because of them.  I have gotten fired a couple times from jobs because I stood up for the small guy in the face of adversity.  But those jobs sucked anyways, and my iPhone 3G isn’t that sh**ty job.  Ok, enough about me and my silly tech devotions.

Apple has been sued 4 times in the last two weeks, and the lawsuits are all very similar.  They claim “False Advertising” and “Unlawful Business Practices” at the hands of both Apple and AT&T.  Additional notes in the suit mention that the iPhone 3G is just not sensitive to 3G networks and that they have to boost their own signal to compensate, which in turn complicates the network.  What does that even mean?  On the contrary, successive evaluations by somebody have concluded that it’s not about the hardware of the iPhone 3G, but rather AT&T’s 3G networks.  Two of the four lawsuits complain about the casing around the camera cracking, but that sounds isolated to me.

What do you think?

Would you sue Apple and AT&T if you had the resources?

Let us know!

Honestly, if a reimbursement check from Apple or AT&T showed up at my doorstep, would I be a dirtbag if I cashed it?

Call me whatever you want, I’m dirt poor.


Jeff B