Back in 2004, my girlfriend at the time, and myself, were woken up in the middle of the night when her cell phone exploded.  All we heard was a “Pop” sound followed by sizzling sounds as the carpet began to burn.  We were pissed.  It was the battery that had exploded and detached itself from the phone, and burst into flames.  Thankfully the phone was across the room and not near our faces.  Not the case in the following.

A man in China has just died due to a severed artery in his neck after his cell phone battery exploded in his face.  Yet to be named, the man was an employee at computer shop in Guangzhou, China.  An employee witness accounts that she heard a loud bang, only to look over and see the man lying in a expanding pool of his own blood.  She said the man had also just changed his cell battery.  Chinese authorities are investigating the death, and determining the make and model of the phone to see if they were even legitimate.

In 2007, 22-year-old Xiao Jinpeng of Gansu, China died from chest wounds when his cell phone exploded in his chest pocket.  Also in July of 2008, BBC News reported that hundreds of thousands of potentially eletrocutable cell phone chargers were headed towards the UK from China, all labled with the generic moniker “Travel Charger.”

Can it get any worse for Chinese products?  As with my experience, it can happen in America too.  And Apple did just recall that iPhone 3G USB charger adapter.  Word to the wise, don’t sleep too close to your cell phone.


Jeff B