The title is a total ploy, let me just get that out of the way.  Any celeb caught wearing this would probably be bludgeoned by their publicist.  But, if you’ve ever called me, and I’m sure you haven’t, then you know I never pick up my phone while out and parading the streets of LA (no, not like that).  Not because I don’t wanna chat it up, but because I never hear my iPhone ring, or feel it for that matter.  Enter the Vibrating Bluetooth Caller ID Bracelet.   It pretty much takes the wind right out of LG’s G910 Watch Phone and at a speck of the cost ($49).  The LCD screen shows the caller’s number while vibrating, plus it’ll even let you answer or reject the call although it doesn’t features a microphone.  As a bonus, the bracelet will vibrate if your phone is moved more than 5 meters from your proximity; however you might just assume that it’s a relentless caller.  And it ain’t the worst looking cell phone accessory; sure beats those Bluetooth headsets.

[Brando via RFJ]

Christen Costa

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