The only code I know is that Contra code.  For the first time ever, solo programmers can achieve some staggering sales numbers through Apple’s App store which has already surpassed over 20,000 apps.  Ethan Nicholas wrote a tank game called iShoot, and now he makes around 37,000 dollars a day.  Able to quit his day job, Ethan’s days weren’t always quite as lucrative.  Working days at Sun Microsystems, he would come home and code iShoot for another 8 hours to finish his day.  After he posted his game in the App Store, he wrote iShoot lite as a free game that advertised the complete version for $3.  His free version got downloaded 2.4 million times.  Through that, 320,000 people bought his game making him a pre-tax millionaire.  And now you know your job sucks.  If you have one.


Jeff B