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CirculaFloor: A Moving Floor For Virtual Reality (video)


Conceptually the CirculaFloor makes complete sense.  Step forward or sideways and the robotic tiles continuously moves in and out of position to simulate forward movement.  In reality, the user actually remains in position.  Although a perfect resolve to virtual reality and their endless environments, the CirculaFloor currently doesn’t obtain the...


Sony’s PSN Has More Users Than Xbox Live?


That right there caught my eye. Is that true? According to Sony this week, their FREE PSN network has over 20 million subscribers to Xbox Live's 17 million. Beyond the obvious i that PSN is free, you can also use it from a PSP and PSN is...


Hooded Jacket With A Built-in Inflatable Pillow

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When I travel I don’t strap on a suit and winged tipped shoes. Hell no.  I’m in Vans (I wear those regardless) and a hooded sweatshirt.  Comfort and convenience is a must when negotiating air travel, that’s why this jacket with an inflatable hood from design student Rahel Ritchie is...


Gadget Rumor: PSP 4000 Sans UMD

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Despite Sony's financial woes over the last couple quarters, the PSP did just pass over 50 million units sold. That being said, I must admit that this mock up pic looks pretty fatty. The PSP 4000 is it's new name and it could feature a sliding screen. ...