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MSI Stays Fits, Unveils X340 and X600 X-Slim Laptops


MSI has unveiled two new laptops today as part of their X-Slim series.  The X340 features a 13.4-inch LCD, whereas its big brother, the X600 sports a larger, 15.6-inch screen.  Specs are still a bit vague, such as the actual measurements, but they’re both looking slim and oh-so trim.  Under...


Motorized TV Mount Will Make Your Head Spin


Here’s something every rich person should have: a flat panel TV embedded in the wall on a motorized, rotating mount.  This particular unit can be controlled via a Creston touchscreen remote and includes a Kaleidoscope media server for all the streaming movies you could ever wish for. When the TV...


Gadget Leak: Motorola All Touchscreen Phone With Android OS

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Images of a purported all touchscreen Motorola handset showed up over the weekend.  Taking a bite off the Motozine5, the unnamed handset is said to carry the same 5 megapixel camera.   Other indications point to an Android OS, but that’s more pontification than anything else.  Unfortunately, additional details are unknown...


Chanel Segway: Making My Speeding Car Veer Towards It


As if galavanting around in a regular Segway didn't say enough about you. With the Chanel Segway, you can permanently affix a sniper target on your head in the eyes of all who see you driving this superfluous monstrosity. TMZ could have a party if Paris Hilton got...

usb_net_sharing brando

Brando USB File & Internet Sharing Dongle


Whoever coined the word dongle, I'm jealous. Call me. Brando's USB 2.0 dongle lets you share an internet connection between two PC's and transfer files back and forth with out the need for a router. At two meters long this device works driver free and supports Win2K,...


Gadget Concept: Modular Self-Heating LunchBox


Too cool for school is one thing. Hot to trot with a mouthful of tater-tots is another. This concept, from designer Alex Cheong is a modular, dishwasher safe, self-heating lunchbox called the Mo:Ben. Packing it's own set of utensils, you can switch out the dish type for...